Modified Electric Toothbrush

Project  / Project number: CB2020  /  Status:


The challenge

The client’s daughter contacted REMAP, reporting that her Mum has arthritis and cannot switch on her electric toothbrush, nor can she grip a manual toothbrush.

The solution

  1. Investigations: A search on line identified many different types and styles of electric toothbrush on the market. However, the switch seems to be a common design, a small button requiring a firm push in the centre to operate the brush.
  2. Solution: A leaver was used to press onto the switch button. This was made by using a modified manual brush with the head removed, and 2 grooves created. It was located along the electric brush handle and kept in place with O-rings which also provided a spring action. The thumb rest on the manual toothbrush was located over the button on the electric toothbrush, to provide contact when lever is squeezed. See photo.
  3. Covid Safe: Discussions were carried out by phone, email and photos. The components were delivered and a short video was made to instruct how to assemble the parts:
  4. Conclusion: A ‘test in use’ by the client was carried out. Results reported the modification worked, and they were very pleased with the solution.

The benefit

The client can turn on her toothbrush independently, enabling her to clean her teeth without assistance.

The client and daughter were delighted with the outcome. The daughter emailed the engineer saying: “You are an absolute genius. Thank you SO MUCH! She can easily operate it, and although it’s also easy to turn it off accidentally, I think she’ll get the hang of holding it so that she doesn’t. Anyway, I’m absolutely thrilled – thank you.”

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