Wheelchair comfy footrest

Project  / Project number: BK2020/099  /  Status:

Client using footrest_1-ad03649c

Wheelchair with padded footrest

The challenge

The client finds the hard plastic footrests of her Triton 2 specialist chair too hard for her bare feet and she is not keen to wear shoes. 

The solution

A one-piece padded tray was fixed to the existing footrests with nylon webbing straps.

The benefit

The client can now enjoy her chair in comfort.

2 thoughts on "Wheelchair comfy footrest"

  1. Carol Crabtree says:

    Thank you REMAP for another job well done, this will make this young lady much more comfortable and reduce risk of injury or sores on her feet without compromising the use or functions of the chair.

    1. Tony Marotto says:

      Thanks Carol,it was a pleasure to be able to help. Tony

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