Head support

Project  / Project number: Glos 20045  /  Status:

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The challenge

Our client suffered from MND and a support had been made to help lift her head, but she was finding it a little difficult to move her head sideways to look at her computerised vision driven voice box or her carer.

The solution

So the request was to install a bearing at the mounting tube behind her to make it easier for her to move sideways. The bearing was made from machine steel and could not be welded, so tube was found with the right bearing so that the inner race of the bearing could be Studlock’d to the tube – needing a small clearance between race and tube of course. The mount also had to be replaced by a smaller diameter tube. A Jubilee clamp was found which fitted the bearing outer race and to this was welded the forehead support using two extra links welded to the clamp for strength.

The benefit

The MND client is now able to more easily move her head sideways to look at her computer screen and look at her carer.

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