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Glasses with tracker-311ead3e

The challenge

A 16 year old with Down Syndrome and autism is unsafe out and about on his own and needs 24 hour supervision. He has a tendency to suddenly decide he needs to go out of the house on his own. To promote independence and safety in case of a fire, he needs to have access to house keys.   The usual locators are unsuitable because he cannot be relied on to take one with him.

The solution

The solution was based on a GPS location device which is small and light enough to attach to the client’s glasses, which he can be relied on to always take with him.  The device and an app on the carer’s phone connect through the device maker’s service. The app can be set up to notify the carers (and sound an alarm) when the device leaves a user-defined geo-fenced area and will send location data at a configurable interval (every 10 minutes by default) via the 2G mobile phone network. Some minor modifications were made to the device to reduce weight.  The device was fastened to the leg of the glasses using thin plastic straps.

The device was shown to have good battery life (~1 week) and low operating costs estimated at approximately £10 per year.

The benefit

The client can enjoy his independence safely.

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