Bunk Bed Extension

Project  / Project number: 0720-06  /  Status:


The challenge

The challenge on this project was to adapt an existing bunk bed to enable the new adjustable bed the client was using to effectively replace the lower bunk. In order to do this the bed had to be extended in length by around 400mm and the top bunk needed to be raised by 300mm.

The solution

The existing bed is made of steel tube and box section (purchased from Metals4U) so the height was increased by putting aluminium tube extensions, turned down from their existing 50mm diameter) between the bottom and top bunks.

To extend the length a new top bed frame was made of welded steel box section and wooden slats. Extra rigidity was achieved by adding a single lower beam (to replace the lower bed frame) and a wooden diagonal cross brace .

Finally a new wooden ladder was added.

The benefit

The client can now move about his bedroom in his wheelchair giving him much more independence.

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