Telescopic Dressing stick and Hairbrush adaptor

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Case 1201 Telescopic dressing stick 3mkb-ea797b02

The challenge

Our client has a shoulder and upper limb weakness from a progressive long-term condition.  She needs to use a long-handled hairbrush and dressing stick to be independent, e.g. if she wears a cardigan outdoors, the weather improves and she gets hot, she cannot remove her cardigan if she is on her own.

Both the long-handled hairbrush and dressing stick are too long to fit in a handbag or be carried easily so cannot be used outside the home.  The client feels that if these items could be folded / retractable she would be more independent.  She cannot carry a large bag

The solution

These various adaptors were taken from a commercial dressing stick; formed from a plastic hairbrush; adapted from a shoe fitting assist. They are able to be fitted onto a telescopic “selfie stick”, as appropriate to the task in hand

The benefit

The telescopic dressing stick and adaptors provided much needed independence for our client. The stick and adaptors can readily be carried in a bag, for moving around indoors and outdoors.

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