Talking Micrometer

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The challenge

Martyn is an engineer who builds competition go-cart engines. Visual impairment means that reading precision measuring equipment is impossible.

The solution

The solution is the combination of a Bluetooth enabled digital micrometer, available for industrial users who log measurements for quality purposes to PCs etc, and a single board computer called a Raspberry Pi Zero. This mini-marvel supports Bluetooth and has been programmed to receive the measurements from the micrometer and using a freely available TTS (Text to Speech) engine, and a small audio amp and speaker, read out the measurement.

The benefit

Martyn previously had to get other people to make precision measurements of his engines, but now he can make them himself.

2 thoughts on "Talking Micrometer"

  1. Wayne says:

    Would this be available commercially?

  2. Rupert Powell says:

    Sorry, no.

    I have made another since which works with Mitutoyo Bluetooth models, but they are over £130 just for the 1″ mic. Then the cost of the talking box another £100 (ish).

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