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Laptop table 1 LR


The challenge

Our client sits in the same low and wide arm chair all day, and there is no clearance beneath it for traditional over bed/over chair tables, and they don’t tend to adjust low enough anyway.  She has small tables to both sides of her too. Home is a cottage where our client also has her bed in the small living room, together with a mobile winch and other equipment for her care, leaving very little room to move about.


The solution

Harrogate and Ripon Group engineer Ian Midgley bought a very cheap laptop table off ebay, and the lightweight steel end frames were re-used and cut to size to make a lower and wider table, with a new top and cross rail. However, there were concerns over whether the table was fit for its original purpose anyway with poor welding by the manufacturer, so additional reinforcing brackets were welded on as shown below.


The benefit

The laptop can be used at the correct height, and there is space for other items that might be needed during the day.  The table is light enough to be just put on the bed out of the way when our client needs to be lifted out of her chair.

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