Rollator arm gutter support

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Rollator arm 4 MR

The challenge

Our client had suffered a stroke, leaving her with a poor gait, and her right arm with a degree of pain, discomfort and reduced dexterity.  A standard issue arm gutter zimmer frame was unsuitable for her.  Four wheeled arm gutter rollators were too large and cumbersome around the house – and in particular the kitchen and toilet where there was reduced space to turn around.  Our client’s neuro physio approached Remap to see if we could find a solution.

The solution

Harrogate and Ripon Group engineer Ian Midgley added an arm gutter support to the client’s three wheeled rollator. This comprised solid aluminium bar, and plastic guttering attached to the bar with hydraulic pipe clamps and polymorph mouldings.  A soft removable pad comprising a removable and washable cotton cover containing a layer of firm EVA foam, and a layer of memory foam was attached with velcro to the gutter.  The brakes on that side were moved into an upright position for comfort.

The benefit

Our client hadn’t been out of the house for a number of months, and our solution gave her the freedom and confidence to do so.

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