Prop for enabling hair washing

Project  / Project number: OX19/1457/92VBT  /  Status:

The prop

The challenge

MsA is a wheelchair user and has a right hemiplegia. Following a head injury her scalp is very sensitive and she likes to wash her own hair, with help. Sitting in her wheelchair, she bends over the side of the bath and uses her left hand to do the hair washing. She needs something to lean against while she does this as she cannot use her R hand to steady herself  and she has back problems making leaning forward in her wheel chair uncomfortable.

The solution

A prop was made in wood and attached to a slatted bathboard which fitted firmly in the bath. The prop was made so it could be adjusted to and fixed in exactly the right position for Ms A, and re-adjusted as necessary. The prop was padded using a folded towel, which could be dried out easily after use if necessary, and Ms A was protected using a disposable plastic apron slipped over her head and adjusted over the prop by her carer, to keep her as dry as possible.

The benefit

Ms A was assisted to wash her own hair in the way she wanted.

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