Wheelchair rain cover

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Wheelchair rain cover


The challenge

The manufacturer of a specialist buggy does not offer a raincover, leaving our client vulnerable to the elements.


The solution

A bespoke support frame was made to support a commercially available universal buggy rain cover to provide the needed weather protection. The support was made from an adjustable bracket sold to attach an umbrella holder to a buggy. It was attached to the wheelchair at theĀ  existing headrest support at one end and to a light weight plywood board at the other, to support the plastic rain cover. The design means it can be easilly transfered to another wheelchair as the client grows.


Support with rain hood

Support attached to existing headrest bracket

Click here for a similar design.

The benefit

The client is now better protected from the weather

2 thoughts on "Wheelchair rain cover"

  1. Avatar Esther Reyes says:

    my son is 15 yrs old and has Quickie IRIS wheelchair and we live in San Francisco CA USA. Do you have a combo Rain/ SUN Cover for this type of chair?

  2. Avatar Robert Monk says:

    I think you misunderstand what Remap does: we are a group of volunteer engineers in the UK who make free disability aids for situations where no commercial aid exists. More is explained here: https://www.remap.org.uk/can-we-help-you/. However, you live in the US and so I suggest you contact your local chapter of Tetra who offer a similar service in north America: https://www.tetrasociety.org/


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