Nappy changing frame

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The challenge

First time mum found it difficult to change a dirty nappy with limited use of her right hand. Her wriggly baby was forever putting his foot in the wrong place! Mum wanted a similar design to the one found under ‘Aids to help a disabled mum’ on the Remap website. Essentially an adjustable frame to hold baby’s feet. Credit must go to Allan from the Derby, Burton and District panel for this award winning design from 2016.

Mum wanted two leg supports for baby so that she could deal with one leg at a time. The leg supports were made from hairbands tied on to 25mm key rings. The device worked well for a time but baby grew too strong and started tipping the frame over. Any future design may need to be more stable.

The solution

The main frame utilises the lower tube recovered from a standard walking ‘zimmer’ frame. The internal tube nuts had to be drilled out to make way for spring loaded locking pins. The adjustable legs were secured to the wooden rail by internal expanding folding wedges obtained from cut-down walker ‘skis’.

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