Game for Blind or Partially Sighted

Project  / Project number: 31/20  /  Status:

sound game console


The challenge

The Essex branch of the charity Deafblind UK found it very difficult to entertain blind or partially sighted people, singularly or in groups, they were aware of a games console made by Essex Central Remap for people with disabilities, but that was not suitable for blind or partially sighted people.  The Essex Blind Association requested a games console suitable for their members.


The solution

A sophisticated games console has been developed with a 16 button 4×4 array where each button has a miniature load speaker inside able to emit sounds of various pitch and frequency, these can be selected by the participant, a central load speaker speaks as the game progressed giving the time to play each turn, and the overall time to complete the game.  At the game end, after 10 goes, music can be played, and the participant has a choice of what.

3 different games are programmed into the console and the participant can select the game to be played.
Game 1 is a “whack a mole” type where for each go one of the buttons at random emits a sound, the participant needs to press the button making the sound to stop the sound, the time taken to find the button is then spoken by the load speaker, and the participant moves to the next go.  A game is a series of 10 goes, at the end the total time for the 10 goes is spoken and a celebratory tune played at the participants discretion. Click link to see the game being played
Game 2 is as game one, but if the sound emitting button is not pressed within a time limit, another button at random will then emit the sound.  The time limit can be selected before the game starts ranging between one and three seconds.
Game 3 is a spatial awareness game where the participant is requested to press a certain button, for instance: press button column 2 row 2, is spoken, and the time taken to find and press the button is spoken. Again a game is 10 goes and the total time is spoken at the end of the game and music played. Click link to see the game being played

The benefit

Members of the Essex Deafblind charity now have a way of entertaining themselves or competitively amongst the group.

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