Outdoor Childs steps and Ramp

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Katie's Steps and Ramp


The challenge

The client has CP and limited vision. She desperately want to walk but need equipment to help her and boost her confidence.  There is a particular need to help her get used to climbing steps in preparation for her attending school.


The solution

The structure is made from treated 45 x 70 timber frames with Mortice and tenon joints which were bolted together with carriage bolts. The platform, ramps and steps are120mm x 25mm decking boards.  The steps are standard 2250mm tread with a rise of 200mm. and the platform height was 600mm.  The ramp slope of 1 in 2 (approx. 25 degrees) is intended to be challenging.  Handrailing is adjustable from 60mm high to 75mm.

The whole structure can be broken into flat sections for storage/transport.

The benefit

The client immediately climbed the steps and enjoyed the challenge but her lack of vision make her anxious with new experiences.

3 thoughts on "Outdoor Childs steps and Ramp"

  1. C Dunn says:

    Great smile is so rewarding!
    Good to see careful regard for guard /hand rail structure, as it has top & mid rail, and complete with tall toe boards.
    Steps a bit ‘steep’ maybe?
    Decking timber used which is good as it is ribbed, dense, redwood, this stuff could have been used throughout as treated softwood does n’t last too well?
    Hand rails where possible to be continuous ie hand does not have to leave the rail if possible.

  2. Fred Preston says:

    All you comments are valid but the material choice was limited by what was available at Wickes, my local woodyard is closed due to Covid19. We are also short of funds like everyone else.
    The step height was requested by the client so that her daughter could get used to the step height at the school she was going to start.

    The client was going to paint the structure to give it a bit more longevity.

    1. Sophie Morrison says:

      Hi Fred,
      If you find your choice of material is restricted by panel finances, please do email the office and we’ll do everything we can to help.


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