Relocate Feeding Tube Stand

Project  / Project number: CB2008  /  Status:

CB2008-B small

The challenge

The Occupational Therapist contacted us saying:

“Somebody from Remap previously made a fantastic stand to attach this child’s overnight tube feed to his profiling bed. This attached into the existing socket on the bed-frame at the head end of the bed (please see photo). Unfortunately he has started pulling on the tubes when it is positioned near his head, and is currently having to sleep at the opposite end of the bed because of this. Would it be possible for the design to be revised to allow the feed stand to be attached to the foot-end of the bed?”

The solution

The feeding tube was relocated to the foot end of the bed. Since the bed manufacturer had provided fixing points at the head end only (it is not clear why), this was done by attaching the pole, shortened appropriately, to the vertical wooden board at the foot end, with U-shaped metal straps and bolts. (Fitting was done by the client’s mother while the Remap engineer remained outside because of COVID-19.)

The benefit

The child was able to sleep in his bed the right way round without pulling out his feeding tubes, and could also enjoy his helicopter poster from his position in bed!

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