Coat Dressing Aid

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The challenge

The client has MND which affects his arms so he has difficulty raising them above waist height.

Getting dressed is a problem. He can get into a light coat or cardigan by hanging it on the back of a high-back chair and then lowering his arms into the sleeves. He can’t do this with a heavy overcoat which he needs to wear in cold weather. He does have helpers available at times, but this is a major limitation at other times.


The solution

The concept of a coat hanger was considered and how it might be lowered to below waist level to enable the client to place his arms into the sleeves. It would then need raising back up to shoulder level. This was achieved by constructing a vertical column up and down which the hanger would slide powered by an hydraulic ram. The user holds a radio controller which operates the ram. The overall stability of the device is ensured by rigidly attaching the vertical column to a large steel plate upon which the user stands.

The benefit

The client is now able to put on, and remove, a heavy coat without any assistance from others. This provides him with additional independence in his day to day activities.

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