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The challenge

Chris has motor neurone disease and one impact is known as “dropped head syndrome” meaning his neck muscles have insufficient strength to keep his head upright. Apart from the fatigue, this means Chris needs to support his head with his hand, his elbow resting on a table or his knee.

The usual solution to this problem is to use a neck brace but Chris finds this solution very uncomfortable and prefers to go without it. He wanted Remap to try and come up with a discreet and lightweight solution.

The solution

A baseball cap has a strap attached at the back which runs down to the trouser belt. This can be adjusted and it provides just enough support to help Chris maintain a good head position.  He finds it easy to put on, comfortable to wear and plans to wear it under a jacket when he goes out. He also approves of the “dashing image it gives”!  See this video for more information: https://youtu.be/ithWdBVd1zw

The design has been further refined by using the head band of a workshop face shield which proved more comfortable than the baseball cap.

The benefit

Chris can now support his head in a more comfortable and discreet way.

2 thoughts on "Head support"

  1. DoctorG says:

    I have a client that needs the same solution. Please contact me to discuss. Thank you. Graham Legg graham@legg.me

  2. Robert Monk says:

    Thank you for contacting Remap. If you would like one to be made for you and live in the UK, you should contact your local Remap group: https://www.remap.org.uk/contact-remap/. But bear in mind that suitable commercial ones may be available to suit your own circumstances and Remap does not make what is commercially available: https://www.remap.org.uk/can-we-help-you/, so please check first.
    If you live outside the UK, it is unlikely we can help directly. If you can find an organisation local to you (for example a technical school, hobbyist engineer, men’s shed, or similar) who might be able to make it for you, then we would be happy to assist them.

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