Folding toilet step

Project  / Project number: 1019-12  /  Status:

The challenge

A school requested Remap to make a folding toilet step for an exceptionally small pupil but which could also be used by others.

The solution

The solution opted for was to construct a short 2 step access 450 wide x 470 deep and each step is 125 high x 240 deep. The lower step is hinged along the rear edge to allow it to be lifted out of the way of the adult user; it has magnetic catches to hold the step in either position. The upper step has a cut-out to allow the steps to be pushed back under the toilet bowl when not in use. On the right hand side a hand rail is been mounted to assist the user to manoeuvre around the toilet bowl.
The steps are finished in acrylic paint on 3 coats of primer and undercoat. Each corner of the steps has non-slip feet, each step has been overlaid with non-slip bath strips to ensure user does not slip on the finish, wet or dry.

The benefit

Enabled normal toilet use unaided

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