Baby Pram attachment for Wheelchair

Project  / Project number: 46/19B  /  Status:


The challenge

The client who was pregnant with her first baby has MS and had to use a wheelchair for mobility. She wanted to be able to attach the wheelchair to her pram so that she and the baby were able to move around knowing that she would always have control over the pram.

The clients wheelchair.


The solution

Polypropylene board fixed to wheelchair frame and locating channels for pram with locking catches.

Pram rear axle located in wheelchair channels and locking catches in place.

The client lifts the pram to locate the axle into the channels, this was at her request as used as a part of her therapy.


The finished article.

The benefit

The client has now given birth and using the wheelchair/pram combination. A follow up visit is to be made in a few months to see whether any modifications are necessary.

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