Card Craft Cutting Board

Project  / Project number: BU/71/19  /  Status:

The challenge

The client was using a scalpel to cut card, whilst holding a ruler as the straight edge to cut against. The client’s lack of strength made it difficult for them to hold the ruler in a fixed position against the card. This was exacerbated when trying to apply pressure to the scalpel in order to cut through the card.

The client also wished to place stickers and other decorations in regular patterns and straight alignment. Their issues with dexterity made this a challenge. The consequences were damaged cards, significant waste and the requirement of much more time to achieve a given result. There was also a significant risk of them cutting themselves.

The solution

Our solution, was to use an engineers technical drawing board, which has guides that slide orthoganally and lock in place. This provided a stable platform with anĀ  adjustable ruler that could be clamped in the desired position with no subsequent need to hold it in position.

We used a CNC machine to create a hole in the base of the drawing board to hold a cutting mat.

The cutting mat was then located flush with the surface of the drawing board by placing a piece of acrylic flush with the bottom of the board and adding cardboard packing to achieve the required level.

Felt feet were added to the bottom of the board to reduce slippage and protect the table on which the cutting board is to be used.

Finally a slim metal ruler was fixed to the existing plastic clamping ruler to protect it from being cut into by the scalpel.

The benefit

The client can now create her cards more accurately, faster and with less danger.

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