Wheelchair rocker

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The challenge

The clients mother requested a rocking device to allow her daughter to experience exciting movement.


The solution

Many layers of 18mm plywood were shaped on a band saw and bolted together using heavy threaded rod encased in clear plastic tubing. Initially the threaded rod was left long to allow width adjustment), an extra layer of plywood was needed to increase the width of the middle part of the rocker after the first test.

The wheels are retained by the threaded rod at the front and quick release spring pins at the rear after loading the wheelchair.

The frame has been painted to match the wheelchair.

Heavy duty brackets have been incorporated to allow the rocker to be hung on an existing strong swing frame in the garden. This will be a future part of this project.

Retaining straps are an option if needed especially when using on the swinging frame.

Wheelchair rocker cropped a

The benefit

The client is really excited when being rocked, in fact it was difficult to take it away after the first trial as they wanted to keep using it before it was finished and painted!

There may be a video of the rocker being used available on the Remap website soon.

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