Modified Bike Pedal

Project  / Project number: CB1929  /  Status:


The challenge

The client had a Stroke, affecting right side of the body. He had bought a static exercise bike, but was unable to use it as his right affected foot turns inwards due to stroke, touching the panel of the bike while he was trying to use it. The client’s daughter found an adaptive pedal online, but the Neuro Rehab Physio was unsure if this pedal would work, and asked Remap to investigate.


The solution

The Remap engineer researched suitable adaptive pedals, and suggested one which he felt would best suit the client’s needs. The client purchased the adaptive pedal, which included heel support, and an easy to use strap. It was fitted by the Remap engineer.

The benefit

The client was delighted to be able to use his exercise bike. He wrote the following letter:

“Mike recently helped me by sourcing and fitting a replacement pedal to my exercise bike. This has enabled me to now use the bike, whereas previously I couldn’t. I am using the bike as part of my rehab following a stroke….”

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