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The challenge

The client had a Stroke, affecting right side of the body. He had bought a static exercise bike, but was unable to use it as his right affected foot turns inwards due to stroke, touching the panel of the bike while he was trying to use it. The client’s daughter found an adaptive pedal online, but the Neuro Rehab Physio was unsure if this pedal would work, and asked Remap to investigate.

The solution

The Remap engineer researched suitable adaptive pedals, and suggested one which he felt would best suit the client’s needs. The client purchased the adaptive pedal, which included heel support, and an easy to use strap. It was fitted by the Remap engineer.

The benefit

The client was delighted to be able to use his exercise bike. He wrote the following letter:

“Mike recently helped me by sourcing and fitting a replacement pedal to my exercise bike. This has enabled me to now use the bike, whereas previously I couldn’t. I am using the bike as part of my rehab following a stroke….”

23 thoughts on "Modified Bike Pedal"

  1. Rob Bird says:

    Is it possible to purchase this innovation
    I work with stroke survivors and this would be extremely useful when using a semi recumbent bike

  2. Pippa Cousins says:

    This pedal was purchased by the client, and fitted by one of our Remap Volunteer Engineers. I’ll message you with further info.

  3. Robert Smith says:

    I have this problem (heels turning in) as a consequence of spinal injury and would very much appreciate details of where to purchase. Thank you.

    1. Pippa Cousins says:

      This pedal was purchased by the client, and fitted by one of our Remap Volunteer Engineers. I’ll message you with further info.

  4. Hi, my husband as also had a stroke rending his left side very weak, he has a recumbent bike and would like to purchase this pedal.
    Look forward to your input. Patricia

  5. cathy Johnson says:

    I am interested for my mother, as she has CMT and foot slips off the bike. This would be great.

  6. Larry says:

    Had back surgery and now am unable to keep my feet secure to pedals on exercise bike and would appreciate any info on this product.

    1. CambridgeBlue says:

      HI Larry, thanks for your interest in this item. I’ll message you with further info.

  7. Chris says:

    Please can you advise where to buy this pedal, my husband has had a stroke and struggles to keep his left foot from dragging on the floor and hitting the pedal support when in his exercise bike

    1. CambridgeBlue says:

      Hello Chris, I’ll message you with more info.

  8. Ginger Sergent says:

    This is awesome! Please send me info about this pedal, I am a t12 paraplegic, I have struggled for years with my bike. Thanks so much!!!

    1. CambridgeBlue says:

      Thanks for your comment. I’ll message you with further info.

  9. Lisa says:

    This is just what I need to buy! Partners father needs to start exercising but his left leg can’t stay on the pedal of the exercise bike and he’s unable to wear his brace. Any information on where to purchase would be fantastic!

    1. CambridgeBlue says:

      Hello Lisa, thanks for your comment. I’ll be in touch with further info.

  10. Peter Goadby-Watt says:

    This solution is exactly what I’m looking for. I’ve got a recumbent bike that I use for physio as I have no right hip joint. My right foot struggles to stay in the existing pedal as it has no heel support. I would appreciate more info if possible. Thank you

    1. CambridgeBlue says:

      Hello Peter. Thanks for your comment. I’ll message you with further info.

  11. barbara finkelstein says:

    Please send info on this adaptive petal. My husband has the same issue.

  12. Matt says:

    Hi would really love some information about this thanks matt

    1. CambridgeBlue says:

      Hi Matt, thanks for your message, I’ll be in touch with further info.

  13. Barbara finkelstein says:

    I bought a great pedal that has a heel cup and straps that works perfectly from
    They were wonderful when I had questions and it shipped quickly. No modifications needed.

    1. CambridgeBlue says:

      Hello Barbara, the pedal used in this case is not quite the same as the ones available from the bicycleman, but I’m glad that you’ve found something that you’re happy with. The “modification” in this case, was changing the standard pedal which came with the exercise bike for the one which best suited the client. Our volunteer engineer then fitted it for the client.

      1. CambridgeBlue says:

        I did send you the product information on 9th December, perhaps it went to your spam? But as you’ve got a suitable product from elsewhere, that’s fine.

  14. Barbara Finkelstein says:

    It looks pretty similar to what I purchased. Just thought I’d give people another option.

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