Pommel mounted joystick

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The challenge

The client has very limited movement and only in one arm. He is in a motorised Rea Azalea tilt in space wheelchair.  The wheelchair is new to him and was designed to provide him with some independence.  However he is unable to operate the joystick on the arm rest nor the one that Wheelchair Services fitted to a tray.  The tray stopped him using his tablet so that had already been removed.  He needed to have the joystick lower, out of the way of his tablet that he uses to communicate, and within reach of his limited movement.  Wheelchair Services did not have a solution for this.

The pommel had to be set back to the correct position within reach by use of an adjustable s/steel bar.  (the other solver device shown was part of another project for the client)


The solution

A pommel was obtained from Wheelchair Services (that is usually used to keep a patient’s legs separated) plus permission to modify it for the purposes of the project.  This was mounted on an adjustable steel bar that allowed it to be positioned within the client’s reach.  The pommel was modified to provide a solid wooden core to which the joystick was bolted.  The existing control cable from the original table-mounted joystick was used to connect it to the wheelchair.

The benefit

The relocation of the joystick allowed the client to manoeuvre his wheelchair, which until that point he was unable to do.

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