One-handed bed remote control

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The challenge

The client has very limited movement and only in one arm.  He sleeps in a tilting bed.  During night during coughing fits he needs to raise the bed but he cannot reach the bed wired remote control panel.  He wanted to have the remote control positioned so that he can operate it with the limited movement he has in his arm.

The assembly consists of a 3D custom printed bedside clamp, a microphone gooseneck, and a 3D custom printed clamp for the remote control


The solution

A gooseneck was attached to the side of the bed with a custom 3D printed clasp that is removable by carers.  A further 3D printed clamp was made to hold the remote control.  The gooseneck can be positioned within his reach and is stiff enough that he can activate with one hand.

The benefit

The ability to adjust the bed during the night alleviates discomfort immediately and avoids having to call carers to operate the bed.

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