Non-slip cushion for evacuation chair

Project  / Project number: 110/2007 2009  /  Status:


The challenge

A method was required to ensure that a wheelchair user of very small and light stature, and with very poor muscle control, could be accommodated on an evacuation chair in the event of an emergency, with an acceptable degree of comfort and safety. The method involved must remove the feeling the person has of slipping sideways, be easily stored at the person’s work station, not involve additional straps or buckles and fit correctly and easily on to the chair even in emergency conditions.

A non-slip cushion was fabricated from a circular ring of suitably dense foam enclosed and covered in non-slip material. It is lightweight, easy to store and will fit any evacuation chair in the building without any modification to the chairs.

The person involved has a much improved degree of confidence whilst seated in the chair.

(Glasgow & Renfrewshire)