One-Handed Knitting Aid

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One hand operated knitting aid

The challenge

To enable the client to take up her knitting hobby again after suffering a stroke, which restricted the use of her left arm

The solution

Consists of a 3d-printed sprung clip (peg) mounted to a base plate via a section of ¾” Loc-line adjustable hose.

Knitting needles are easily clipped in and removed from peg with the use of one hand. It also includes a method of securing wool whilst casting on.

While testing the device it was found that bamboo needles worked best (less slippery surface). In addition, the use of Dycem non-slip mat held the device in place without the need of a clamp (this was also used to stop the needle slipping when resting on table).

Consider an alternative design.

One thought on "One-Handed Knitting Aid"

  1. Sonya says:

    Are these available to buy or try? My mam has parkinsons and misses knitting

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