Mini Lift Platform Footrest

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The challenge

The client has Cerebral Palsy affecting all four limbs. She mobilises in a powered height adjustable wheelchair. She is weight bearing with support and uses a Mini Lift 125 for transfers.

She previously had work done on her old Mini Lift by REMAP many years ago, to raise the Mini Lift platform, so that it was level with her wheelchair footplates for ease of transfer. Unfortunately, the wooden step which was made for it quite a few years ago had become rotten, and the anti-slip coating had worn away and lifted, becoming a risk to her whilst using it.

This was an urgent request, as the client relied on this piece of equipment several times a day, and it had become dangerous.

The solution

As the Mini Lift is used in the shower, it was decided to use aluminium sections and plate to give the required height instead of wooden batons and marine ply, as previously used.

This change has reduced to weight of the unit and should last longer.  The rubber anti slip mat may have to be replaced eventually, but this is only an adhesive job.

The benefit

The platform was safe for the client to continue to use for all her transfers, and should be long-lasting for her.

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