Extended tap lever

Project  / Project number: CB1907b  /  Status:


The challenge

A client with bi-lateral wrist fractures had insufficient strength to turn on the bathroom tap (standard tap-turners don’t fit this unusual tap design).

The tap is a lever tap, which has to be pulled out for “on”, pushed in for “off” and moved back and forth for temperature.

As it’s in a bathroom, the solution needs to be hygienic and waterproof.

The client requested a long lever, but the proximity to the wall was a limiting factor.

The solution

Careful measurements were taken so that the lever would be as long as possible withing the available space. An extended tap lever was made using clear acrylic. It was fitted like a sleeve over the existing tap lever, and tightened with tiny bolts. This means that it is easy to remove when the client regains full hand function.

The benefit

The extra length of the lever enabled the client to use the tap independently.

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