Modified Tray

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The challenge

A child who used a wheeled walker at School for mobility wanted to be able to collect his lunch from the canteen and take it to his table as all classmates do.

The client’s OT asked if we could enable the client to carry his lunch tray on his wheeled walker. It needed to be easy to fit and remove, as it was only required at lunchtime.

The solution

A T-shaped support was made for the client’s tray from 15mm copper tubing, and attached to the tray using plastic pipe clips. This frame attaches to a horizontal cross bar low on his walker frame, and the tray is attached to a similar cross bar on the upper part. The assembly is shown in the photos below. The tray-top was covered with DYCEM: a ‘sticky’ material that helps his plates etc falling when he is moving with his walker frame.

The benefit

The client was delighted to be able to carry his own lunch to the table, without the help of an adult.

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