Clear Walker Tray

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CB1851i without face

The challenge

The client broke a hip 6 months previously, and has resulting Neuropathy in his feet, and uses a wheeled walker. He needs to be able to see his feet in order not to trip. However, he likes to be able to take his meals and cups of tea etc from the kitchen to the living room independently. He uses a tray on his wheeled walker, but this prevent him from seeing his feet, and so is a trip hazzard.

His wife asked whether we could make a clear tray for his wheeled walker, so that he could retain some of his independence.

The solution

The base of the client’s existing tray was cut out, and replaced with a polycarbonate sheet, cut to fit, and glued into place.

The benefit

Both the client and his wife were delighted that he was able to take his own meals and drinks through to the living room, retaining some independence.

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