Nasal cannula

Project  / Project number: 2007  /  Status:


The challenge

Nasal canulaA nasal cannula is approx 2.5m. If the user is mobile there is a considerable amount of spare tubing. This can be a hazard for the user and others. They must use one hand to gather in and hold this extra tubing.

The tubing is taped to a coil from a plastic ‘slinky’ toy. Thus any extra tubing is coiled up neatly. Should the user wish to move away from the oxygen bottle, the tubing will ‘uncoil’ with very little effort. Similarly, as they move back, it will recoil without any input from the user.

The spare tubing ceases to be a hazard and a nuisance to the wearer and others. When the tubing needs to be replaced, the slinky can be easily transferred to a new cannula.