Standing Frame Modification

Project  / Project number: CB1850  /  Status:


The challenge

The client uses a standing frame at school; but as she uses it, she twists her trunk. The Physio was keen to try and prevent her being able to twist so much by adding taller elbow blocks.

The School Physio asked us to provide a foam covered extension piece to fit under the elbow block on the standing frame. (The photo below shows the Standing Frame with it’s original Elbow Blocks.)

The solution

The Standing Frame Elbow Blocks were made taller to prevent the user from twisting her trunk.
Short lengths of plastic waste pipe were used with the ends sealed, and drilled for new extended coach bolts. The bolts replaced existing ones used to connect the original elbow blocks to the standing frame. The plastic pipe was covered with craft foam for comfort and safety.

The benefit

The client was able to stand using the standing frame, without twisting, and so improving strength and posture.

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