Piano Wrists Support

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CB1842 PianoArmRest

The challenge

The client asked: “I was wondering if you knew if there is a piece of equipment that might help me play my (electric) piano. I struggle to keep my arms raised for more than around 10 minutes and I’m currently doing a music course with Cambridge community arts. I’ve searched the Internet extensively. ”

“What I’ve been looking for is similar to equipment sold for office work that attached into a desk or table. It supports the lower arms and pivots so you can move your arm from side to side (from mouse to keyboard, I guess or when writing). This wouldn’t work for piano as I need a version that’s raised and has a greater range of movement. I use an electric keyboard on a desk, not a traditional piano.”

The solution

The device consists of a portable linear rail with linear ball bearing sliders and 3D printed arm rests.

This provides a means of resting the arms whilst playing the piano, but also allows supported side-to-side and rotational motions of the arms.

To minimise pressure sores, foam padding was added on the arm rests.

The benefit

The client can play the piano for longer periods without pain or strain.

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