A bespoke stump board for a mobility scooter.

Project  / Project number: OX19/1463/7DA  /  Status:


The challenge

To attach a stump board to a mobility scooter which has no removable cushion, which would allow a standard board to be used.

His mobility scooterbore modificationHis scooter before modification

Comfy Rider fitted in the standard position


The solution

Various solutions were considered to make a board from scratch as there were no commercial products available.

Extensive searches on the internet revealed a devise called ‘comfyrider’ (web site www.comfyrider.net). This is designed to support the lower legs and ankles up by the steering column. It clips onto the foot board of the scooter without any modifications, using a spring loaded bracket.

If this device could be moved back along the foot-board it could be used to support a stump and provide a simple answer to the challenge. This proved possible, but when fitted the pad mounting had to be moved inboard to be in line with the stump.

Mobility scooter with modified ‘Comfyrider’ for stump support

The benefit

The client was able to use his scooter for long periods, without discomfort to his stump.

Mobility scooter with modified ‘Comfyrider’ for stump support, and client sitting on scooter.

In the picture above the leg is not strapped to the pad, the elastics are simply to keep the trouser leg in place.

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