I can make a hot cup of tea for my friends & I am Blind!

Project  / Project number: OX19/1458/93VBT  /  Status:


The challenge

To enable a blind man to make a hot cup of tea with milk without assistance.


The solution

On visiting it was found that the client was already using a “one cup” hot water dispenser made by Breville. (Model VKT124)

“one cup” hot water dispenser made by Breville.

This fills a mug with hot water with room for milk if needed. He was also using a standard RNIB level indicator to overcome what he saw as the problem of the water level coming to different heights in different sized mugs. He wanted the dispenser to stop delivering water at a set distance from the top of the mug.

The water dispenser delivers a constant volume of water, and the RNIB device is clearly not sending signals to the water dispenser, so this was not going to work, and he had to be persuaded to get a set of similar mugs which all then came to the same water level, with an allowance for milk. This meant the RNIB indicator was no longer necessary.

This left the problem of how to add the correct quantity of milk to the tea or coffee. After some head scratching the simple solution of using an appropriately sized syringe to draw up the milk from a jug and “injecting” it into the beverage.

Picture 2 – Milk filled syringe

The benefit

The Blind man was able to make a cup of tea independently for himself and his friends.

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