I can jump waves on holiday!

Project  / Project number: OX19/1450/6DA  /  Status:


The challenge

5 year-old boy (one of twins) with Cerebral Palsy, who has recently had surgery to enable him to stand, planning going on their first family holiday to the beach. He wanted to use his ‘K’ Walker on the sand and in the sea.

Image of a commercially made ‘K’ Walker before adaptation.


The solution

Larger / wider wheels were obtained and fitted to the walker to enable it to be used in a salty / sandy environment without sinking in, as the standard K-Walker wheels would do.

Mounting blocks (aluminum) were machined and bushes (brass) turned to enable the wheels to be mounted on the frame.

Child using his adapted ‘K’ walker on the beach.

The benefit

This project enables this young boy to share a beach holiday with his able-bodied twin brother for the first time and jump the waves.

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