Modified Bike

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Olivia enjoying a bike ride with Dad's help.

The challenge

Olivia wanted to cycle, but has low muscle tone, so can only pedal a few turns on her own.

When younger, she had a toddler bike with a push handle, whereby the parents could control direction and speed; and with fixed wheel gear system, so that when the wheels turn, the pedals also turn. Her parents wanted to replicate this on a size-appropriate bike for her, so that they could assist her, and when she wasn’t peddling, her legs would be passively exercised by the turning pedals, to improve muscle tone.

The solution

Olivia’s parents bought her a new bike with stabilisers. It was modified by adding a removable pole to the back (see photos), enabling steering and speed control, and by changing the pedal gear system to a fixed wheel gear.

The benefit

Olivia was able to “cycle”, both actively and passively, for fun, and to improve muscle strength and tone (with Dad’s help!).

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