Modify Parallel Bars

Project  / Project number: CB1926b  /  Status:


New parallel bars ready for use.

The challenge

The client has wooden parallel bars which he uses for physio strengthening exercises. However, they have broken, and he is unable to use them.

The client requested bars made from stainless steel tube, so that they won’t break.

The solution

Broken wooden parallel bars on a walk trainer were replaced with stainless steel tubes. (Below are photos of the original wooden ones, and the new stainless steel ones.)

The benefit

The client and wife were extremely pleased with the new stainless bars. He can now exercise his back and legs to regain movement and control. They sent an email expressing thanks:

“Thank you so much yourself and the other members of the group. We have both been really impressed with the speed and quality of your work. Best regards…

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