Wheelchair Wheel Guard

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Wheelchair Hand Guard


The challenge

The client’s right hand drops off the wheelchair arm rest and bumps against the wheelchair tyre. For hygiene and safety reasons, he wanted a support to prevent this from happening. A standard wheelchair mud guard would prevent his fingers from getting caught in the wheel spokes, but would not prevent his hand from touching the tyre, or prevent his hand from falling off the arm rest in the first place. So a bespoke solution was required.


The solution

Hand support/guard in the form of a plastic tray (made from uPVC Fascia Board) was fitted to the armrest, and lined with foam for comfort. It was fitted on an aluminium strut, and the bolts were countersink underneath so that they didn’t rub on the tyre when going over rough ground.

The benefit

The client’s hand no longer slips off the wheelchair armrest, so negating the risks to his fingers / hands.

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