Wheelchair Armrest Bracket

Project  / Project number: CB1919a  /  Status:


New Aluminium Wheelchair Arm Bracket


The challenge

The plastic bracket which held the armrests in place on a manual wheelchair was not sufficiently robust for the job. The client’s friend milled me a new one in aluminium for the right hand side. This worked well for years, but then the bracket for the left arm broke, and the client’s friend was no longer able to create a new one for him, so the client contacted Remap for help.


The solution

Wheelchair arm rest brackets: A new aluminium bracket was milled and fitted. This replaced a broken plastic one. This bracket provides a socket into which the armrest stem fits. So replacing this bracket means that the armrest can once again be used as intended, and lifted in and out for side transfers and for putting in the car etc.

The benefit

Client able to use the wheelchair armrest, and to remove and insert it for transfers, taking in the car etc, with confidence that it will stand up to the requirements of daily use.

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