3D printed plastic cupholder

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cupholder 1220

3D printed cupholder

The challenge

Anna has Muscular Dystrophy and difficulty holding a cup. A simple cup holder was required to enable the young girl to drink easily. Several iterations would be required to reach the final solution and to ensure the item was dishwashable.

The solution

After initial modification of a standard “doidy” cup it became apparent that a handle that could be readjusted to any appropriate angle would be better with a chunkier handle.

Although the  prototype, which is made out of Polymorph, was easily detachable from the cup for washing, it will not tolerate dishwashing, so once the design is finalised, a foodsafe, dishwasher tolerant plastic was required which could easily be 3D reprinted whenever a replacement is needed & adjusted if necessary.

after initial trials I worked on a printable solution using fusion 360 in order to make slight adjustments to the STL file… a steep learning curve

The benefit

“It worked brilliantly!   the handle you sent me is dishwasher safe, so it’s all go ahead with the current blueprint”

Further copies were 3D printed and another happy customer

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