Guitar support for Wheelchair user

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Brian and his guitar rest


The challenge

He plays in a number of local bands near his home in Littlehampton. The weight of the guitar was beginning to cause stress issues around his neck via the guitar strap, so he was looking for an easy way of supporting the guitar without loading his neck. Without the potential solution he was beginning to think about stopping playing his guitar.


The solution

This simple but very effective solution involves a removable arm rest in the wheelchair which is replaced by a rotating support for the guitar, to allow Brian to play in comfort. Process was as follows – Measured up his chair and observed Brian playing the guitar. Sketched up a design we both agreed would work. Went away and machined up the support from aluminium bar and angle extrusion. Connected this to and adjustable upright with two Rose Joints. When I finally fitted the support I need to lock up one of the joints as it was too flexible. This was all done at home.

The benefit

As a result of this simple but effective solution Brian’s  enthusiasm for “rhythm without the blues” is continuing, he is very happy.  See article in “Happiful” magazine Feb 2020 page 85.

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