Mounting for oxygen bottle on child’s buggy

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The challenge

The young child, born prematurely, needs oxygen 24 hours a day, meaning that his mother had to carry a heavy oxygen cylinder with her when taking him out in his buggy. The buggy needed to be modified to carry a quickly detachable cylinder whilst retaining its folding capability and ability to tow a “buggy board” on which his three-year old sister stands.

The cylinder is secured by quick-release straps to a lightweight metal platform, supported by two hinged horizontal support bars. The platform and its support bars are affixed using quick-release “R” pins in such a way that once the bottle has been removed, the platform can be removed and the support bars swung upwards and secured by “R” pins in a matter of seconds.

The mother no longer has to carry a heavy cylinder about, and can still fold the pushchair in order to board buses or stow it in a car.

Mounting for Oxygen Bottle on Child’s Buggy 1Mounting for Oxygen Bottle on Child’s Buggy 2