Mounting for communication switches and smart box

Project  / Project number: MK39/2008 2009  /  Status:


The challenge

Mounting for communication switches and smart boxThe client has multiple disabilities and uses a ‘smart box’ as a communication aid. His speech has deteriorated and his wife is having difficulty understanding him when they are out of the house. She asked if it would be possible to mount the foot operated switches and smart box on his wheelchair.

A board was produced from MDF with 4 plastic tubes that located over the pins that normally carry the heel supports. The switches were fixed with Velcro so that they can be easily transferred to the foot board when in the house. An aluminium mounting block and boss were manufactured and as the height of the unit had to be adjustable vertically and rotationally, part of a crutch was used for mounting the smart box.

The client was very satisfied with the solution and was able to communicate whilst on holiday.