Load folding bike into car boot

Project  / Project number: BK2019/217  /  Status:


Folded bike on stand


The challenge

The client wishes to be able to take a folding bike in his car boot, but is finding that his reduced strength makes it harder to fold it up and load into the car. The design of the bike is such that it does not stand up when folded, so requiring three hands to manipulate it.


The solution

The client has a wheelchair hoist in the boot which can be used to lift the bike in, once it has been folded.  A free-standing stand holds the bike upright while it is folded, the saddle removed and handle bars turned. The rope sling is passed through the frame and attached to the hoist. The hoist lifts the bike which can be rolled horizontally and slewed into the car boot.

Stand and rope sling

Bike on stand

Bike folded, ready to be lifted in

Hoist being attached to the folded bike

Bike being lifted in.

The benefit

The client can continue to use his bike without risking damage.

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