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The challenge

On visiting the client it was found access to her kitchen was restricted so she is unable to use a kitchen trolley to get her food etc. from the kitchen to her table, after discussions it was decided that a small tray with a handle would help, the standard tray was too big and cumbersome to use. the challenge was to put some handles onto a small tray

The solution

I had purchased a stainless steel tray from a charity shop and had taken this round to show the client.

I had to then braze some brackets and fashioned two folding handles from some small bore stainless steel pipe, these folded flat and it fitter her plate well. It just required a non slip mat on the tray. This I purchased and cut to size.
The ends of the pipe handles were squashed to stop them becoming unattached, all parts are stainless steel so it can be cleaned and is corrosion resistant.

It was found that the tray is slightly heavy but the client is trying it out and seams happy with the finished item

The benefit

The client can now move her food / drinksĀ  from her kitchen to where she needs them. Also the client is using the tray for other items that she needs to get to the table. She had tried putting things under her arm or in a pocket but they became inaccessible when she sat down and could not be transferred with ease.

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