Sewing Machine Speed Controller

Project  / Project number: WM19/52/B  /  Status:

Overlocker Sewing Machine with Hand Operated Speed controller


The challenge

The client, who is a wheelchair user, was not able to use the foot operated speed controller for her new overlocker sewing machine.


The solution

A spare foot controller was purchased for the Janome 9300DX overlocker sewing machine so that the special 3pin connector could be obtained.  A metal box was fitted with five 25 watt resistors and connected by about a metre of eight way cable to a plastic box. The plastic box was fitted with a special heavy duty six way rotary switch, a push-on-push-off switch, a rocker switch and a suitably rated push button.  The metal box was provided with ventilation holes, heat sinks and plastic feet.  A warning label “Keep Dry” was attached. The hand controller was successfully PAT tested before delivery.


The benefit

The client can now operate her overlocker sewing machine by hand selecting any of six different speeds and fast/slow. She can start and stop the machine either by using the push-on-push-off switch or she can hold down the push button for brief stitching.

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