Raincover for a wheelchair/buggy

Project  / Project number: LR19/71A  /  Status:


Wheelchair cover with support


The challenge

The 5 year old client is blind, has cerebral palsy and is quadriplegic. But her hearing is good and she likes to go outside in her wheelchair. In wet weather she needs a raincover but none was available to fit the chair and keep the cover from falling on her head.


The solution

A plate attached to an umbrella support was a cheap solution to the problem of keeping a cover off the client’s head.  A large universal raincover was sufficient to cover from the wheelchair handles to the foot plate. Both are available on E Bay. The plastic plate was from Wilkos and is described as a ‘charger’. The dowel was part of a broomstick which had to be tapered on a lathe to fit the umbrella holder’s clamp.

My only modification would be to substitute the 10mm nuts of the clamp onto the wheelchair with wing nuts so that the attachments could be fitted without the need of a spanner


The benefit

The client can now be taken out in her wheelchair without getting wet.

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