Electric grabber

Project  / Project number: 7\19-07  /  Status:

Power Grabber 1 small

The challenge

The client is a wheelchair user and has a very weak hand grip. He struggles to pick things up from the floor, even using a modified, mouth operated “Helping Hand” type device. An electric device similar to one already made by Remap for another client would be ideal.

The solution

Based on a previous project, a Makeblock motorised claw was obtained, together with a KIT 2000 mAh, 5Volt Power Block rechargeable battery pack. A meter long approx. device was constructed using standard 20 mm o/d plastic conduit components and a Double Pole Single Throw, momentary toggle switch. Push button switches were tried but the client found that a toggle switch best suited his needs.

The 12Volt Makeblock claw has a motor overload facility and works well at 5Volts. The motor shaft plastic threaded nut was replaced with a brass equivalent  as per the previous project as it was identified to be a weak point.

The benefit

Allows client to pick up items from the floor with little hand grip effort.

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