Mobility chair desk top

Project  / Project number: 80/19  /  Status:


The challenge

Five year old who uses a wheelchair and about to start school needed a desk top for her work and lunch. Specialist mobility chair under warranty and the only OEM table obscured the dual controls and at over £700, unsuitable. OT asked for the surface to include the sides and be very easy for school staff to remove/replace. The young lady want it to be pink!


The solution

Used sheet acrylic with welded front edge and plywood bonded under to reduce bending. Secured using rear Velcro straps as any mechanical arrangement would be over complicated and may invalidate the chair warranty. Acrylic used as it is both durable and hygienic/easy clean. Controls on BOTH sides of the chair must be easily accessed by the user.

Ideally, the desk top would hinge but the requirement to extend the work area to the sides prevents this. Also, one of the potential sockets needed for front loading tubes was completely obscured by a custom controller attached to the US made chair.

Result, a very happy little girl!

The benefit

Able to attend school and participate in activities that require a table top. Also, to use a computer/games at home without the need to move her to another chair.

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